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Smart Cap Chimney Cap Installers in Van Nuys, CA

Don’t be fooled into thinking your spark arrestor offers protection from water intrusion, fungus and bacteria. Water intrusion into chimneys and adjacent areas are the prime areas that need protection from mold, fungus, and bacteria. You need the Smart Cap for this kind of protection. Protect your health against harmful fungus and bacteria with this chimney cap installation in Van Nuys, CA.


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The Benefits of a Smart Cap Chimney Cap Installation

There are many benefits to having our team install Smart Cap chimney caps for your home:


  • Helps protect against harmful fungus and bacteria
  • Saves money and provides 100% protection
  • Helps prevent fire
  • Helps keep moisture out
  • Prevents bacteria from spreading into insulation
  • Provides good ventilation for fireplace
  • Prevents dry-rot of roof structure
  • Helps eliminate termite damage
  • Prevents mildew in drywall and paint
  • Reduces dampness in hardwood floors
  • Minimizes swelling in brick and masonry mantel
  • Maintenance Free

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The Smart Cap is an all-in-one storm collar, spark arrester, and weather cap combined. It ensures that your chimney is 100% bacteria free and watertight. Protect your health today, call us for more information about the benefits of the Smart Cap solution.


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